Sunday, 4 November 2012

Viking Rump Sale

Not an exercise in extreme butchery, but a link to the rump of miniatures from my 28mm Viking army and some Crusaders that I'm listing on eBay, today, at the low, low price of 99p per unit.  All the miniatures are mounted on magnabased card and can easily be removed, if required to be re-based for different systems (Saga, for example). 

All the images are clickable

8 Normans, or Crusaders.  Gripping Beast.  Very nicely painted and based.

Viking Jarl and Huscarls (16)- Essex with some Foundry.  Tabletop painting standard, but nice command.

Viking Huscarls (20)- mostly Essex.  Tabletop painting standard.

More Huscarls (8)- Gripping Beast.  Nicely painted and well based.

Archers (8) and Slingers (3)- Essex and Citadel.  Tabletop painting standard.

Viking Bondi (24) - Mostly Citadel, some Foundry.  Nicely painted and based (see below for closeup).

Update- all sold, thanks!
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