Sunday, 4 November 2012

FleaBay Greeks

Following my recent game against Wabby George’s Greeks, I decided to refurbish and slightly expand my own, smallish, hoplite collection.  I plan to expand and reorganise to 6 units of 36 warriors, formed in 3 ranks.  Three of these will be Spartans, one Tegean allies, and two of other Greeks.

This particular unit originally consisted of 16 Greek hoplites in attacking poses, most of whom are repaints of a cheap but tatty eBay purchase.  The helmet styles are an eclectic mix of Corinthian, Chalcidian and Attic.  I’ve painted 8 more to match, tarted up some of the shields and rebased them into 3 double-elements of 8.  When time permits, I’ll add a rear rank of 12 and they will be done!
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