Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Orfidius Benignus

Orfidius Benignus was the Legate of I Adiutrix (assistant) legion in 69AD.  I Adiutrix was a legion formed either by Nero or Galba from marines drawn from the Misene fleet, many of whom would have been Egyptian-born.  They fought bravely at Bedriacum, capturing the eagle of XXI Rapax, but the more experienced Vitellians counterattacked , killed Orfidius and routed Adiutrix.

This mini is re-based from I Adiutrix, which I modelled earlier in the year.  Minis are Foundry and Black Tree, with an Aventine dolphin standard.  I've decided to expand this legion from 80 minis to 99, including a separate command stand, to fit in with a new idea I've had for structuring legions.

In other news, there is a very good interview and review of Dr Phil's Augustus to Aurelian rules podcast on Meeples and Minuatures.  It is well worth listening to; gives a good instroduction to why they were written and how they work.  We still have a place or two on the game on Sunday at Partizan, if you want to give them a go...
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