Thursday, 23 August 2012

Cypresses and poplars

For a couple of years I've coveted a grove of pencil-thin cypress trees, and have finally gotten around to getting one!

I want to give the Partizan "Ad Castores" game an Italian feel, and so needed some Mediterranean trees to line Roman roads and bulk out forests.  Consequently I've bought 25 cypresses (front) and 25 poplars (rear).  The cypresses and rear right poplars are from The Model Tree Shop, who gave an extremely prompt service; the rear left poplars from eBay.  I've based them all on mdf disks, which took a couple of evenings work.  When time permits I'll add some scatter and flock to the bases.  Figures are to give an idea of scale.

The terrain on Sunday will include olive groves, cypresses, poplars and my new vineyards, and so I trust it will look suitably rural!
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