Monday, 25 April 2011

'Orrible Huns

I've crudely painted the 6 Huns I mentioned in my last post, to match the crudely painted ones I bought on eBay and based a few years ago.  When I flock the new miniatures, I'll taken the opportunity to "tart up" the older bases to my current standard, with additional Silflor and some drybrushing.

The figures are a mix of Chiltern (ex Whitecross) with some Gripping Beast nomads and a single temporally-displaced Curteys Mongol (rear right, a very nice mini).

I already own another dozen painted Hun heavy cavalry, so am starting to accumulate a useful force; at least enough for a wing.  If the Society of Ancients pick Chalons for their game next year, I shall paint a whole lot more.


Anonymous said...

You can always turn your Romans into Byzantines and hire the Huns!

Bluewillow said...

Nice mate,

I like the way you have based them, have you seen this utube clip for inspiration


BigRedBat said...

Cool clip Matt! Their rate of fire is astonishing.

Grégory Privat said...

Now I want to paint my huns.... not as if I had nothing on the workench !

try this new name : BigEvilBat !

BigRedBat said...

What huns do you have, Greg?

I finished them last night, they look pretty good now. Photos later!

Grégory Privat said...

I bought a few packs from Foundry a few years ago to make some horse nomads for Glorantha / hott... Not sure how many I have. At least, I know in which box they are and may have a look at them when back home )

Grégory Privat said...

BTW : any idea for republican roman cheapers than the ones from Renegade Miniatures (regiments are £14.95 for 24 miniatures) ? I had a look at the plastic ones from warlord and they do not looks nice.

МаксимС said...

Добрый день!Хорошие гуны вышли.