Saturday, 2 April 2011

Not my Epic Guagamela III and Final Part

...being the remainder of Dug's game 1 (all pictures clickable).  

In the above, it looks to me like the Persians in the centre are pressing forward onto the Macedonian pikes- not something I'd fancy, personally!

Elephants' graveyard.

 Companions pushing forwards, in the centre.

Above, the Companions are well forward, and one of the phalanx blocks seems to be half way to Babylon, already.  I wonder whether the chariot is Darius?

Final shot of the battle above.  I understand that the Macedonians won by a fair margin, and the following 2 games, too!  Looks like the players had a fun day.


Paul´s Bods said...

Nice to see that it turned out as it should have done...historically correct.
Thanks for the battle report.

DeanM said...

Nice looking game with great minis. I'm not familiar with the rules; does it use the hexes for movement, or was that just the board being used? Regards, Dean

BigRedBat said...

Thanks Paul!

Hi Dean, yes, HE uses Command and Colors Ancients. It's a Boardgame, that quite a few people choose too play with miniatures. Very fast moving, somewhat abstracted, heavily influenced by a deck of Command Cards. I play most of my own Ancient Games using the rules.

Ceers, Simon

Glenn said...

A shout out for the great pics! Gorgeous battlefield setup. Very inspiring!

Also a shout out for Command & Colors: Ancients. Brilliantly abstracts command-control and events in the card play. The card mechanic also allows the players to plan ahead and balance the need to maintain the intiative vs. the eventual need to replenish viable cards to do so.

Very tense games with loads of ancients feel, but without the needless complexity and length of many hard-core wargame rules.