Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Timeline Miniatures Indian Elephant

I met Barry from Timeline Miniatures at the weekend.  He very kindly showed me some samples of his 15mm and 28mm Indian elephants, and has very kindly left me one to paint.  His elephants are intended for Siam and Burma, but he is thinking about developing some other ancient ranges using them.

Here's a painted Timeline female elephant.  You don't see a lot of female elephants.  If I recall correctly they were used in war, so it is nice to see one!  I particularly like the head of this elephant.  The model is a very solid one-piece metal casting, but Barry has plans to produce them in resin at a later stage.

The same female with elephants from Timeline's 15mm range.  I have plans for one of those...

And finally here's a different Timeline female (left) alongside an Aventine royal elephant (right: thanks Keith!) for size comparison purposes (n.b. the Aventine isn't fully assembled, and comes with trunk, tusks, King of Persia etc.  Well worth a look if you've not seen it).  The Timeline is very similar to the Aventine in terms of overall size.  Barry left me the unpainted figure above left; I have a plan forming for what I shall do with it...  

Barry hasn't got any of the 28mm elephants cast for sale at the moment, but says to watch his website for developments.  I'm happy to relay news, here, about them.

As we speak, I have two more Aventine elephants (Pyrrhics) in the post; it's going to be like "The Jungle Book" around here!  I may take a very quick break from Zama at Xmas to paint up one of the new Aventines and the Timeline.
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