Thursday, 19 November 2009

Numidian Cavalry ready for basing

30 yes 30 cavalry!  And I painted all but 2.  I'm going to need to leave them for a while before basing, as the linseed oil on some of the horses is still not fully dried.

My Aventine reinforcements have arrived.  The left two columns are my two new Pyrrhic nellies, and a selection of spare parts that Keith has sent me which I'll use for conversions... more anon.  I appear to have enough crew for 5 elephants!  The centre two columns are reinforcements for Zama, and on the right are a host of beautiful transfers from LBMS.


crowmag99 said...

Hi Simon,
about to place my first order for Silflor tufts...hace you seen the Buffalo grass variety old growth with new growth very nice two color
what do you think?
thanks Steve

Caliban said...

Hi Simon, I like the horse casualties. Which make are they?I'm thinking of getting something similar at one point in the future; I've been thinking of a three-set deal from Foundry.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Steve, I always use the twin colour tufts; they are great!

Hi Paul, they are conversions from the eBob horses that come with the Crusader Miniatures. The thin legs are easy to bend. Irregular do a cheap dead horse, too, but it's a bit small.