Saturday, 29 August 2009

Hasty Hastati 2

I've decided I'm going to tackle this unit with a different technique, partially using washes; more like Greg's method. In a long session 1 last night, I blocked in the red tunics, the black primer for the chain, the pectorals, pila shafts and some of the straps.


Matt said...


Red undercoat ... hmmm? Be interested to see the end results, though I'm sure that like all your other stuff they'll look fab!
BTW - how do you affix the models to the wooden base discs? I blu-tak mine to old paint pots but occasionally the models falls off.



BigRedBat said...

Hi Matt,

I stick them to the discs with a little wood glue. At the end, the minis can be pried off with a stanley knife and a little care.

The red is going well. It is a red with a hint of brown, that makes a really good base for flesh tones; it is a lot quicker to paint over than black, for the right minis.

Cheers, Simon