Monday, 8 December 2008


These is a photo that I've had lurking for a while; my first 2 units of Greek Thureophoroi, beautifully painted by the very able Nick S. The figures are mostly Foundry peltasts, although the command stands are from Crusader Miniatures Rank and File Range. The shields are all Old Glory (my first ever OG purchases); I replaced the Crusader shields, because I wanted distinctive shield rims, which are very characteristic of Thureophoroi.

My concept is that they are regulars (hence the all white shields); I'm planning two further units of scruffier Thureophoroi, and I'd ideally like to expand all four units to 24s, which is my favoured unit size for infantry. Thureophoroi are such a common troop type, I'm astonished that it took so long for someone to make them in bigger 28mm!
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