Thursday, 4 December 2008

My First Phalanx!

This is a photo I took of my first phalanx. I painted about 2/3 of the figures, but 24 of the nicest minis at the front were painted by Andy Bryant.

The beauty of the dust cloud is that it makes the unit look bigger than it is; there are around 60 minis in the units, but they look like around 80 (most of the pikes protruding from the clouds don't have figures attached).

I'm part way towards a second phalanx but they are in a queue behind a whole lot of Romans.

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Secundus said...

These guys look great and really make me want to start my Phallanxs.

I went for the cheaper option and recruited most of mine from New line design. The figures are not so well sculpted but with all the closed ranks I am counting on massed numbers to make the units look good.