Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Wargames Foundry French Artillery Battery for Sale

...I promise the BigRedBatCave won't turn into a shop, but I have one more lot to sell.

Wargames Foundry French Napoleonic Artillery
  • six 8 pounders
  • two 6 pounder howitzers
  • one 12 pounder
  • a caisson
  • a limber
  • thirty seven crewmen on foot
  • five teamsters
  • eight draught horses
  • two senior officers, one horse
  • two barrels, sponges etc.
Eight guns have been assembled very carefully by me (including filing out the wheel spokes, a lengthy job!) and are ready for painting

I reckon these would cost around £150 from Foundry; I'm looking for £95 plus postage at cost, or you can collect from me in London or at Partizan.

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