Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Ecce! Lasiurus egregius!

Behold the BigRedBat! This lovely stand of Asterix-style Romans was unexpectedly presented to me on Sunday by the Newark Irregulars, as a very generous counter-gift to a baboon I donated for their Keren game. For the curious, the BigRedBat tag is a reference to a model I made back in '02. The minis are lovely and will provide a garrison for my Roman camp in many games to come!

Luckily Tabletop Mog was present to record the very instant of presentation in his below action shot (from the left: the left half of Steve Jones, the eponymous Bat in tasteful shirt being presented with model, James Morris and Scrivs. 

I've not had enough time since returning to get my pictures of our collective "Arthur and Maximus" game together. However Scrivsland has some great pictures of the game and the other excellent games at Partizan, and Wargames Illustrated took some beautiful photos too. Hopefully in  a few days I'll have time to do a post.

The last Kelham Partizan was a memorable event.  It was great to meet so many friends new and old including the Newark lads, Muswell mate Ian; TtS! stalwarts including John Thompson, Dave Lycett, Mark Emms and Simon Wilson; paint-gods David Imrie and Andres Amain, Jack Glanville, Darrell Hindley, Bunker Shaun, Meeples Nigel, Craig Daisho Cartmell, Daniel "Glutter" Mersey, Harry Sidebottom and Tom, WS&S Guy, WI Daniel and all the others (many apologies) who I've forgotten (I'm dreadful with memory, especially names and faces). Tricks and Laurence did their usual super organisational job. The next Partizan will be at Newark Showground on 22nd May 2016, one for the diary!
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