Monday, 12 January 2015

Sable Clan

These are mate Ian Notter's Sable Clan.  The Sables ride and herd Sable antelopes across the plains of Prax, and are pro-Lunar, so we often use them as allies for a Lunar army. There is a lot of work in this army; Ian needed to drill and mount each horn onto each antelope, which I gather was neither a quick nor an easy job.  

Above are the bulk of the tribesmen. We treat the closer-formation cavalry as lancers, and the others as bow and javelin-armed skirmishers.  Below is a close-up of the Khan.

The Shaman, above, is summoning spirits, and the giant blue sable below represents the tribe's founder, who may return in time of extreme need, along with spirits.

Above is a view of their camp and a herd. There's a lot of detail in these- have a look at the sable children play-fighting, below, and the woman with papoose on the left.

I do hope you have enjoyed these.  In a few days I will post some photos of some of the small independent Praxian tribes.
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