Sunday, 11 January 2015

Bison Clan

There was a lot of interest in yesterday's Praxian post, so I thought I'd show some close-ups of Ian Notter's lovely collection of nomads (shot against the vintage "Nomad Gods" board game).  Today- the Bison clan.

Above the mass of bison riders, mostly mounted on Westwind bisons.  These weigh a ton!  Below is a close-up of the khan.

Above is the bison shaman and a summoned spirit and below the tribe's founder.

Above, bison herds.  I have an idea that these could be stampeded within the game, perhaps moving somewhat randomly.  Below is the bison camp.

I love the care that Ian put into these; almost every mini is a conversion, and the tepees are scratchbuilt.  Tomorrow I'll post photos of the Bison clan's Sable foes.
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