Thursday, 1 January 2015

BigRedBat's 2014

For BigRedBat, 2014 was a year of much wargaming, even more painting and vast amounts of word-processing!

2014 highlights

Partizan in the Park was my favourite wargaming event of the year.There was a positively Churchillian vibe when the event had to be moved into tents at the last minute. On the day the sun shone and the atmosphere (and lighting) inside the tents was fantastic. It was a great game and I met lots of friends!

T'other Partizan was my second favourite gig of the year; me and a bunch of mates put an awful lot of lead on a table and refought the battle of Pydna 168BC. It looked good and it was a whole lot of fun! Perseus' phalanx reversed history when it managed to hack its way up Mount Olocrus. I also really enjoyed meeting Scrivs, Mog and the Wargames Illustrated crew.

On 28th November I published the "To the Strongest!" rules that I've developed to run games large and small. I'm pleased to report that these have sold very well, and I have a lot of plans to develop them next year, including a hard copy version in March and, hopefully, a Napoleonic version late in the year. If you've not picked up your set yet, you can find them here:

2014 lowlights

The main (only?) 2014 lowlight was the unexpected and sad death of Allen Curtis. Allen was a brilliant chap to turn to when one had a question on anything "Ancients", and has left a very big hole in the heart of the hobby.

Scores on the doors

Last year I based 954 miniatures in 50 units. I had hoped to get a round 1,000 minis on bases, but in the event 954 feels like quite enough. Next year I resolve to base fewer miniatures! Anyhow, I'm running out of space to store the blighters.

Despite these prodigies of basing, the lead mountain grew by an alarming 559 unpainted miniatures, and now includes no less than 1,927 part-painted but un-based 28mm minis.  

Unexpected obsessions

Late in the year I suffered a very severe attack of my Spanish Ulcer. Consequently I barely based any ancients in November and December, but I do now have three divisions-worth of 1814 French Napoleonics. As yet virtually no artillery, though, and no opposition apart from a lonely dozen Prussians. And not enough time to take photos.

The pen is mightier than the sword

Due to the pressure of writing my rules, I have played fewer games myself this year than usual, and less time to blog. I shall try to fix that next year!

2015 plans

I'm going to run an extended version of the big Cremona game at Salute in April; this will mean painting Romans in considerable numbers and terrain building. I'll expect be doing something at both Partizans- not quite sure what, yet, but I would love to do a bigger game, even, than Pydna.  And a massive weekend of gaming at the Wargames Holiday Centre in May. And there is talk of a "To the Strongest!" competition in February... 

And finally, Happy New Year, everyone! I hope we all have a great 2015. May all your dice roll 6's, and none of your cards be Aces!
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