Saturday, 24 December 2011

2012 Resolutions

Blimey, still Christmas Day (just) and I've already knocked my resolutions together.  I trust everyone had a great time... and got suitable presents.  I got a fantastic Napoleonic book, that I'll feature in another post, and the Osprey Campaign on the First Crusade.

In 2012 my primary project will be for my Early Imperial Romans, what I'm calling my sixty/sixty/one:sixty programme.  This will involve building up my EIR Romans up to sixty cohorts of 8 legionaries, and sixty auxiliary cohorts/alae of either 8 infantry or 6 cavalry, which (with Praetorians and rif-raf) will give me around 1150 EIR figures, enabling me to fight a medium-sized 69/70 AD civil War battle, at 1:60 scale. To achieve this, I'll need to buy/paint and base something like an additional 400 miniatures over the next year.
My secondary project will be my new Napoleonic habit; first I shall finish my projected 100-man cavalry division, described on my other blog.

...and after that, whatever I fancy of several infantry formations I have underway.  I'd like to think I'll have a complete infantry brigade by the end of March, and at least 2 more by the end of the year. 

My third resolution is to paint a unit or two for Glorantha, which I've not really touched for 2 years. In particular, I'm minded to paint the Agimori (tall, desert-dwelling pikemen) that I sculpted and drop-cast the best part of 5 years back (below).  They are pretty crude, but at 40mm tall they are almost literally men-and-a half.  Those pikes need to be able to stop a charging rhino...  I'd then like to do some more Praxian warfare, using Ian's bison and sable nomads, and my lunar war-triceratops and whatnot.  Perhaps I might even finish the long-delayed high-llamas that we needed as mounts for that tribe...


This year I must spend far less than last, and must sell some miniatures from non-core periods, to raise dosh and clear space (be very afraid, my Vikings and Assyrians...).  I do find selling stuff boring, when there are so many minis to paint and blog.  :-(

Finally, this year I shall game more regularly; perhaps not weekly, but at least every two weeks.

That's the lot!  If you have any resolutions, please do post a link in the comments, I'd love to see them.
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