Friday, 23 December 2011

2011 Review of my Modelling Year

First of all, I think this will be my last blog posting before the holidays, and I'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Xmas, and a happy and prosperous New Year!

It's the time when I like to review last year's resolutions, and start to thnk about setting some new ones.  Last year I said:-

"I've given some more though to what I'm going to paint this year, after the French Indo China, Ancient Germans/Laager and Marian Romans that I've previously mentioned as Q1 objectives.  I've decided to concentrate on Early Imperial Romans, because:-
  • I have a lot of EIR units part painted, that I should be able to finish relatively quickly
  • I also have a huge amount of unpainted EIR lead so it will save me money
  • I really like EIRs and want to run a campaign; my favourite Roman text is Tacitus' Histories
  • They would look great for a big display game, in 2012
But will I be able to stick to my plan?"

The Q1 objectives were a mixed bag.  I did briefly paint some French Indo China stuff in January, although I failed (yet again) to complete the pesky  wagon laager which has not advanced on my to-do list since January 2009.  My Caesarians have crept slightly forward, with the addition of a rather splendid cohort and some lovely command figures, from Andres.

My main objective for the year, the Early Imperials, has been quite successful.  I completed my 240-man legion, and recently finished a smaller 80-man legion of ex-Marines.  I also added around 80 more auxiliaries (with a similar number out to painters).   However, there are still enough unpainted Romans left, to keep me very busy in 2012.  I also finished not one, but two cohorts of A&A Middle Imperial Romans and a half a dozen units of Late Imperial Romans.  In total I finished 22 units of ancients.  

A new period burst onto the scene for me in May- Napoleonics.  Recognising that this would become a very serious "habit", I started a new blog to document it, My Very Own Spanish Ulcer.  It does take away time I'd love to lavish on ancients, but it's good to be learning about a new historical period, and the uniforms are nice.  I miss shields, but there are still standards with eagles on!  I am very taken with the Perry and Victrix plastics.

The number of my unpainted miniatures only rose by 101 this year, due largely to fewer purchases and getting quite a lot painted.  I made a decision not to count unpainted Napoleonic plastic (which is just as well, as I must have rather more than a thousand of them!).  The new period (with a lot of purchases of painted figures) made this my most expensive wargaming year, ever, and I will cut back next year.

Right, I'm off to wrap the presents- have a good one, everyone!  

Cheers, Simon
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