Friday, 16 December 2011

I Aduitrix; Finished at Last!

I've finally completed my I Adiutrix (assistant, supportive or rescuer depending on who you read) legion.  This force was hurriedly recruited in 69AD from the marines sailors of the Roman fleet at Misenum, and fought bravely at Bedriacum, and later in Germany.  I’ve read that many of the sailors may have been of Egyptian origin.   Do, please, have a click!

This is the first of my new, smaller legions, of 80 figures in 10 x 8 man cohorts, although it can also be deployed as three 24-man cohorts, for smaller engagements.  I’m going to split my 240 man legion down in much the same way, and next spring hopefully paint another 80 man legion (perhaps even XXI Rapax, that gave Adiutrix so much trouble).  Once I have 6 or so legions, I’ll be able to start to think about re -fighting the larger battles of the civil war, or my long-threatened Roman campaign.

The Legate, Orfidius Benignus, was killed in the fighting at first Bedriacum, in 69AD.  I like the expression this mini (Below) has; it says arrogant patrician, to me.

I’ve used as many Black Tree Miniatures as possible, but ran out of command figures and so used some Crusader and Foundry to add a little variety; they fitted in surprisingly well. For the same reason, I did some head-swaps and a little light conversion work on the legionaries. I’ve given them a varied selection of legionary and auxiliary gear, shields and weapons, as befits a legion newly raised in time of civil war.  There are 3 optios in the rear ranks.

I have developed quite an affection for BTD; they paint up nicely.  They are relatively cheap, too (but alas, not nearly as cheap as they used to be).
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