Friday, 29 April 2011

Nice day for a... white wedding

My tickets to the Royal Wedding having been unaccountably lost in the post, I've decided, instead, to celebrate in my own very particular way, by posting (clickable) photos of my refurbished Hun detatchment.  Whilst I watch on HDTV.

The figures are a real mix; mainly Chiltern, but with Essex, Gripping Beast and a lonely Curtey's Mongol.  There is a single Roman in there, and when I expand this unit I'll include more "Roman deserters".  Many of them were bought painted on eBay and have been retouched, others, pained to match.

Below is Attila, Scourge of God.  Gripping Beast on a Foundry steed.

Here are the heavy cavalry, I'm planning to expand these to 18 figures in due course.
The horse archers (above) are based dynamically, firing as they cross the front of the enemy units.  I need a lot more of these, but have unfortunately misplaced my box unpainted Huns, somewhere in the Lead Mountain.

This last unit is unusual; they are fantasy figures, designed and cast by my Scottish friend John Smillie, and I believe this is the only unit of them in existance. 

I'm very pleased with the way the figures from disparate sources have come together.  There are not yet enough for an army, but just about enough for a wing.
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