Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter, one and all!

A very happy Easter to all my readers and fellow bloggers!

The weather in the UK has been fantastic; I painted outside until 7, yesterday evening.  The old climbing frame in the background, looks a bit like one of Paul Darnell's forts!   The lilac is in bloom and looks fantastic.  Today (Saturday) the weather is even better, I can't recall ever having  experience such a run of beautiful weather in April.

On the painting table are the 6 part-painted Huns I mentioned recently and 4 previously-painted Huns, for style comparison purposes.  The old Huns are pretty scruffy by my standards, tatty sculpts with average eBay paintjobs.  However I think I can make the bases look good, so hopefully one won't notice the minis, too much.  And they are scruffy Huns, anyhow, lather lacking in sartorial elegance! There are also 7 Roman command figures that I seem to have developed "painter's block" over.
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