Friday, 22 April 2011

The Gallipoli game at Salute 2011

This was one of the most impressive layouts I've seen, and my photos (taken on my phone) don't nearly do it justice.  What got me was the 3 dimensional quality of it; it looked like it had been carved from a massive block of foam.  It turned out it HAD  been carved from a massive block of foam!  It rose 2-3 feet from the sea at the front, up into the hills at the rear.  I chatted with the designer and manufacturer, from Grand Manner (curses have forgotten his name), and he explained that he had based it on topographical maps of the area.

Aside from the mass of it, the detailing was great (figures too).  I could make out the strata in the stone in the side of the cliff.  Top job!

I was daunted by the quality of it, could never produce something like that myself.  I didn't hear if it won an award, it certainly should have. There are some very much better pics of it here.
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