Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Armigeri Defensores Iuniores

Not my finest photo, but here is the first of my 2 new Late Roman Auxilia units.  The shield pattern is loosely based on the Armigeri Defensores Seniores, but I think of these as a unit of Auxilia.  Stunning work on the shields, which I bought on eBay along with the majority of the figures (I painted 8 figures to match).

I've based them so that the line curves back slightly at the ends, so that the unit is somewhat "bow" shaped.  The reason for this is that, when I take the middle two half depth elements and put them at the back, it gives the unit a wedge-shaped appearance, which I think of as a cuneus.  The idea for this came from reading Simon MacDowell's excellent Late Roman Osprey.

The original painter did a great job with the decorative patches, but I hope that I have had a fair crack at matching them on mine.  

I've now got 4 Perry Late Roman units; the start of a small army. I could do with a Legione, next, but have lost the remaining figures I have, somewhere in the Lead Mountain.
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