Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A prodigy!

Those who know of BigRedBat's famous aversion to anything that smacks of skirmish gaming, will be suprised to see these photos of yesterday's outbreak of WW2 in the BigRedBatCave.

Here the men of the Afrika Korps advance through the sparse fields outside a small North African village...

...where the defending tommies are dug in (with two of the worst sited machine guns in military history; there was more dead ground than you'd find in Highgate Cemetary, East and West, added together!).

We played a very enjoyable game using the Tide of Iron boardgame rules.  I think we will be using these, a lot. All the very nicely painted figures belong to my fellow Muswell Militiaman, Dr. Simon, and my friend Ian provided the rules and umpired.
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