Monday, 18 January 2010

Figgybloggy Blog of the Year

Mon ami Greg is running a competition for "Figgybloggy Blog of the Year".

This has reminded me that I've not recently promoted Figgybloggy, which is an excellent site including most of the best wargames blogs.  If you have a wargaming blog, that isn't already listed on Figgybloggy, then I'd recommend adding it to his list; I've noticed lots of people come from there to read my blog, and I persoanlly read dozens of wargaming blogs that I first saw on Figgybloggy.  Even some of the ones in French!  ;-)

In other news...  I have been highlighting Greg's Bruttians; especially the bronze, to make it "zing".  Hopefully I can finish the highlighting tonight, and start work on the dead nellies...
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