Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Bruttian progress...

I've been working on the big batch of 48 minis Greg sent me.  They now all have spears.  I've highlighted the feathers, skin and bronze armour.  I invented a new technique last night; to get shadows above the eyes,and under the rim of the helmets.  I used a wash of black ink in Klear, and then suspended all the miniatures upside down, under a magnetic sheet, as it dried.  My family looked at me as if I was mad!  (am I mad?) 

I've worked out that I need another 16 or so to finish what is turning into 3 units.  I may shortly be sending another begging email to Greg...   All these Southern Italians would fit in well with doing a Pyrrhic army, later in the year.

Above I've made a small start on painting 2 of the dead nellies.  To the left is a closeup of a couple of the Aventines Greg kindly painted for me; they are looking very nice!  They are destined for a command stand.
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