Sunday 10 September 2023

Second Mantinaea at Colours


Yesterday we ran Second Mantinaea at Colours. Is was great to see to many friends and meet so many gamers who enjoy To the Strongest! Thanks very much to those who helped (especially Ian, Colin and Andy) and to everyone who played, or stopped by for a chat. It was a really super show and I spent far more than I should have. :-) Hot, though, so very, very hot. A big shout out to chum Andrew who couldn't come because he's had a brush with Covid, hope he's better soon.

While I was away though, Sharp Practice has been pulling ahead of TtS! in the Yarkshire Wargames Rules tournament on Facebook. If you've still not voted, could you give us a plug please? At the time of writing, the gap is around 55 votes, still surprisingly close, and I think we might yet be able to catch them! If not, we can go down, fighting gloriously, like Leonidas at Thermopylae. :-)

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