Thursday, 10 December 2020

New Activation and Stratagem Chits for To the Strongest!

The new activation and stratagem chits are in the shop. They are 20mm diameter and in glorious technicolour- it's easy to make the values out at a distance. I chose TtS! purple, green and burnt orange for the initial colours, because they contrast well with each other, so it is easy to distinguish between them if your opponent is also using chits (just so long as he's using a different colour!). 

The activation chits come in packs of 80. They are two-sided, so play is quicker than with the previous single-sided MDF chits, since you don't need to flip them.

There are also three matching sets of stratagem tokens. These have plain colours on the back. The advantage over the previous version is that it tells you what the stratagem is, rather than there being a symbol you need to look up.

You can find them in the BigRedBatShop


Carlo said...

Great additions and purchased immediately! Thanks Simon.

DHC Wargames said...

Really like them. Just not 100% sure about the stripe below the six and nine. Not sure if anything is needed at all with the TtS by the side, but a dot would have been more sublime.

Anyway... a few people in our group are preparing armies (I must finally rebase some of my ancients), so these will soon be bought.

Gonsalvo said...

While I use cards, I like them too!