Saturday, 8 September 2018


Long time, no post. Above is something I'm experimenting with; teddy bear fur grass, after a tip from James Morris. I have, hitherto, resisted the wholesale slaughter of teddy bears, but find myself very taken with the material and sacrifices must be made. The bases just vanish into it. Would be absolutely great for steppe warfare... or perhaps Roundway Down.

Below are the first fluttering flags of a new, late c.17th Project. I won't have time to do anything material with this until Q2 next year; but a man can dream! Minis ex David Imrie, and very clickable.

Finally, here's a link to my ECW blog, where I'll be posting lots of pics of units in the run-up to an ECW game at Colours next Saturday. If you are coming to Colours, do say hello, and maybe turn a few cards with us! Co-author Andrew Brentnall will be there, with chums Ian and Tim.

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