Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Saint Something-or-other

Here's a quick shot  of a WIP terrain piece for my Salute ECW game; a Hovels church and scratch-build chirchyard. David Davies painted the church but I've detailed it- it stands around 25cm tall- a fine piece. The churchyard disassembles and packs away. I was going to fill it with gravestones, but apparently these were pretty uncommon until after the ECW. I will need some yew trees, though. I am looking for a name for it- the nearby village is named Soggy Bottom, after the local marsh- all suggestions considered!

In other news, For King and Parliament is finished, and I'm waiting for the Proof copy- very exciting- and I have a flash sale of rules, chits, bases and cloths in the BigRedBatShop! 
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