Monday, 5 February 2018

Still trapped in the ECW

In the lead-up to Salute, all my ancient and medieval projects are currently on hold and most of my recent posts have been on my new ECW blog. So I thought I'd pop in here and say hi, even though all I have to post is a pic of a couple of extra ECW regiments that are approaching completion.

Above are two 18-mini regiments of "Swedish" horse. Below, these minis were painted by David Davies but I painted some of the horses and added a little highlighting. 

These chaps will become "Northern Horse"; hard riding, hard fighting and turbulent Yorkshire Royalists.

I am very much looking forward to the TtS! Worlds at Chalgrove in 3 weeks time. We have all the army lists in and I was very surprised to see that there are more medieval armies, than ancient ones! In fact, there are several surprising trends, of which more anon....

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