Sunday, 7 August 2016

The last phalanx

I'm sure that this isn't my last ever phalanx, but it is almost certainly the last one I'll base this year. This is my twentieth phalanx block; a suitably round number to pause on. Most of the minis were painted by Shaun McTague, with some detailing added by me. They are a mix of Foundry and Polemarch phalangites and all have Sidon helmets, my favourite style of ancient head-ware; they join my Ptolemaic phalanx.

When deployed four ranks deep the entire phalanx will cover a frontage of four metres. Later I hope to add an Alexandrian phalanx and an Antigonid Macedonian phalanx, and perhaps a couple of units of Spartan phalangites. I would love (one day) to accumulate 32 units so that I could depict a 1:1 taxeis of 1500 minis, drawn up 16 ranks deep. Muwhhahaha....

When the basing is finished this unit will join the throng for my big Raphia "to the Strongest!" game at t'other Partizan on Sunday week, 21st August. If you'd like to play in the game (and haven't already) please drop me a line and the address on the front of the blog. I hope to run it twice and, with around 2K minis, there will be room for plenty of generals!

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