Friday, 1 July 2016


Above are a pair of my new 19cm-wide BatbasesI designed these for my own collection and will gradually re-base many of my troops onto them. The idea is that the irregular edges, with a chambered profile, will blend into the terrain cloth. Below, I've started to rebase a few units of Numidians. I chamfered the edge of the bases, added magnets and primed them with some cheap auto-primer to seal them. I sliced the minis off of their card bases and mixed them in with some new recruits recently painted by Shaun McTague. 

Below, I like to salvage as much of the old base texture as possible as it saves time and money and reduce landfill.

Re-basing the Numidians will be a big job as I have 400 or more of them altogether- including over 100 cavalry. When finished I estimate they will fill ten 4L Really Useful boxes.

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