Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The 2016 To the Strongest! World Championship at Chalgrove

On Saturday I travelled up to Chalgrove for the second "To the Strongest!" worlds, where I enjoyed a fine day's gaming with a great bunch of chaps, most of whom are in the photo below.

The event was organised by Steve Dover (third from left).  This year it became a proper World championship with Alex Myers (fifth from left) travelling from Ghent to participate, not to mention Ross from Wales (fifth from right).

I took all too few photos of the games, alas - I was too busy answering questions and enjoying watching the games develop.  

Above, my EIRs under Neil Shuck's command fight Franks or Vikings. Below Alex Myer's Alan camp was an almost unassailable fortress; uphill and packed with mobs.

Above Nick Simmerson's Greeks won the best painted army prize; the shields were super!  Below Simon Purchon's Sassanids tackle a Late Roman army, if I recall correctly.

And finally here's another shot of Nick Simmerson's phalanx.

It was a super day, with 21 very good-natured games played. In the end Simon Purchon won a decisive overall victory with his Sassanids who combined fire-power with manoeuvre and impact. Colin Hoare's Marian Romans marched into second place and Peter Ryding's Mongols whipped their subjects into third.

Here's a link to Neil Shuck's post on the event.

Thanks again to Steve Dover and the South Oxfordshire Generals for organising and hosting the event, and thanks to everyone who participated!

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