Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Athenians for SELWG

I've been a busy boy for the last week or so with very little time left over for blogging, but here's a shot of my painting tray, where I've just based up two units of Athenian hoplites that I bought earlier this year mostly from Steve Jones and Steve Marshall.  I'm really pleased with them- a couple of Steve Jones's freehand shields (the crab and red running S shield) are absolutely stunning.  I still need to flock them and perhaps add a couple more transfers. After SELWG I'll add a third rank.

I'll be running a participation game at SELWG at Crystal Palace on Sunday- if you are attending please say hello and turn a few cards, if you have time! This will be a modest game by my standards but quite a pretty one, featuring Spartans and Athenians slogging it out on a pair of my new gridded Deep-Cut mats. I won't be selling any TtS products at SELWG but if you want to order anything in advance you can collect and save postage.

...and finally, in other news, I've just published three new To the Strongest! El Cid-related lists which can be downloaded for free in the Early Medieval booklet. I'm looking forward to some El Cid gaming in Peterborough on Sunday 1st November with James Morris and Scrivs.  
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