Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Allied Principes

Today is the turn of the allies.  These two units are the Allied Principes, and I think they look even better than their Roman colleagues.  They are of course Aventines and came from the brush of 2 different (unknown) painters, one of whom is very good.  I did a little highlighting and shield work (LBMS shield transfers).  All photos are clickable!

The figures are very animated and look very heroic, with their plumes and feathers.  Below, I have a command stand for the legion, too.

Both of the legions are now nearly finished; I just need to "tart up" my own allied hastati, and base some miniatures that Shaun has painted for the Roman hastati.  I will need to paint some Roman horse, too, but there's no time for that just now!

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