Sunday, 26 May 2013


I’m delighted to report that the counter on the front page of the BigRedBatCave ticked past half a million, last night.  Can I say a huge thank you to everyone who pops by and makes it worth my while posting!  It is a great pleasure to run the blog, and I have some ambitious plans for games and other ventures, during the rest of this year...

I’m minded to celebrate with a promotion, but WargamingGirl’s is still running, and I don’t want to clash with that; also I’m frantic in the run up to Raphia at Partizan on Sunday.  But I will do something in due course... please watch this space.

In the meanwhile, in the finest tradition of the BigRedBatCave, I shall celebrate by posting some minis that someone else has painted, far better than I ever could.  I bought these lovely Aventine Roman Allied cavalry from Redzed last year (as part of a small Republican Roman army), and gave them suitable shields and based them,  yesterday.  Luvverly!
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