Saturday, 9 March 2013

Primed guards

A brief footnote to yesterday's post; the weather is finally good enough, for priming!  Here are the agema, showing how well the Polemarchs, with their enlarged crests (left) match the equivalent Foundry figures (right, with shields).


Matt said...

Nice looking figures Simon, both Polemarch and Foundry.

Funnily enough I managed to do some priming of a few Vikings today. But as soon as the paint was dry they were packed!



BigRedBat said...

They are. indeed, lovely. The Foundry are their Silver Shields.

I primed, I even did a little matt varnishing, without fogging, happily. Quite productive!

Tarty said...

What do you prime with Simon ?

BigRedBat said...

Hi Tarty, I mostly use Halford's automotive primers. They are cheap and the quality is reliable, and the paint adheres to the metal, very well, unlike Army bloody Painter! I use their Gloss Lacquer, too.