Friday, 25 January 2013


Tonight I'm finishing the flocking of the first two line phalanx (photos to follow tomorrow), and tomorrow I start work on the first two native Eygyptian Machimoi phalanx. These will include a number of unarmoured, recently recruited Egyptians, pressesd into service by Ptolemy's leading courtier, Sosibus.

To this end I was very lucky that my Raphia partner in wargaming crime, Craig, very kindly sent me a dozen painted minis, and Shaun aka Redzed, has just most generously chucked me 48 more unpainted, unarmoured minis!  6 of Craig's painted minis are above (the finished ones), mixed in with 6 part painted from ebay, and 6 unpainted. I now need to paint 27 Polemarchs, and add new pikes to 57 more more I bought off Gareth Lane.  Busy, busy, busy!

I'm still on the lookout for the phalanx characters in straw hats, if anyone has any to swap.  I also need lots of the 100mm Foundry steel pins.  If anyone has any spare, I would very happily swap for the 100mm North Star pikes, which I have bags of.  Please email me at the address above.
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