Saturday, 15 September 2012

Adiutrix WIP

I decided last month to standardise on a legion of 99 minis, with 4 units of 24 minis and a command stand. This meant that I needed to expand my favourite I Adiutrix Legion by around a third, and here are the new recruits, fresh from the ships ot the Classis Misenensis at Portus Julius.  The minis are mostly Black Tree with Crusader Command.

My posting rate has dropped away, because real life has been interfering with art.  I've also been spending some time on developing a set of ancients rules that I hope will work well with the big games I like to put on at shows.


Paul´s Bods said...

99 figs in a legion,4 X 24 ..96, and 3 in the command. Why not make it a straight 100 with 4 in the command?
Or is it cos of points?

The captcha is well funny...agedcat 2..never seen one that makes the least bit of sense till now. :-D

BigRedBat said...

Hi Paul, not a points thing, I just tend to put 3 minis on an infantry command stand. But I am planning to add a single "hero" figure a little later- that will give me the round number!

Cheers, Simon

Ray Rousell said...

Great painting Simon!

saxon dog said...

99 figures in a legion will be an amazing sight on the table. Well done Simon!