Sunday, 24 June 2012

BigRedBat’s Mid-Year Review

An astonishing 6 months has passed, in a blur, since my resolutions for 2012, so I though it a suitable time for a quick review of progress.

My main objective for 2012 was “for my Early Imperial Romans, what I'm calling my sixty/sixty/one:sixty programmme.  This will involve building up my EIR Romans up to sixty cohorts of 8 legionaries, and sixty auxiliary cohorts/alae of either 8 infantry or 6 cavalry, which (with Praetorians and rif-raf) will give me around 1150 EIR figures, enabling me to fight a medium-sized 69/70 AD Civil War battle, at 1:60 scale.”  This is going really quite well, although I didn’t start it until May.  I added my big unit of rioters after Salute, and an additional unit of Gallic Auxiliaries in June, and my first Ala is about to roll off the production line.  I anticipate I’ll have all the auxiliaries completed by mid-September.

I’ve just scheduled by first big outing for them for Partizan on 2nd September- I’ll be working on this game with a couple of mates, Dr. Phil Hendry and Craig Davey; more anon.  Toward said game I do need to finish a lot more troops- as many as 8 more units, so there is a furious two months of brushwork and basing, ahead!
My secondary project was to” finish my projected 100-man cavalry division, described on my other blog.  ...and after that, whatever I fancy of several infantry formations I have underway.  I'd like to think I'll have a complete infantry brigade by the end of March, and at least 2 more by the end of the year.”  I still haven’t quite finished the cavalry division (now just a question of basing the final regiment, and painting some horse artillery) , but I did churn out the equivalent of a couple of infantry brigades for RTB’s spectacular Petit Borodino game, back in April.  I really need a set of rules that I feel I can get behind...
My third resolution was “to paint a unit or two for Glorantha, which I've not really touched for 2 years.”  This is a complete fail, so far- will review this in September!

I've enjoyed my wargaming this year, than last.  We are gaming locally on almost a weekly basis, again, and I've very much enjoyed my occasional forays to the "lead belt", where it has been great to meet some people I've been chatting to on line for donkeys' years, in t'flesh.  Onwards and upwards!


Dalauppror said...

You gott some realy nice romans there !!!

very nice to hear about the progres of your painting goals for 2012, I´m very impressed that you can keep the focus! keep up the good work !

Best regards Michael

Ray Rousell said...

Its great that your plans seem to be working, I try not to make a plan, I just end up disappointed!!

Paul´s Bods said...

Like Ray I don´t make plans..they always bugger up :-D
Good to see your plans are coming along

Jason Meyers said...

Glad that things are going well for you. I should listen to Ray too, but I guess I just make plans and then push back the start date. :)


DeanM said...

Draw-dropping marvelous stuff! Now that is an army. Best, Dean

Willie Anderson said...

Love all those red shields Simon Been good to see this all come together over the last 6 months!

legatus hedlius said...

What a great picture! I admire your focus!

EinarOlafson said...

That roman army is impressive!!

BigRedBat said...

Thanks all.

Andres, that's not the half of it! Much more to come.

CHeers, Simon

Unknown said...

Great mid year reveiw, I think the team will get stronger as you get closer to the finals, stonk'n army you have put together!