Saturday, 18 February 2012

1K Lives- 1066 and all that

A local Muswellian friend of mine, John Squire-Melmoth, has been writing and reading a series a series of short stories, each of which uses exactly 1,000 words and some nice pictures to say something about an imaginary life.  This particular story caught my eye because of its connection with 1066, and because the subject lays in bed mulling over things historical before sleeping, in much the same way that I often lay there mentally reviewing my cohorts,  battalions, and painting plans in the early hours. 

The story lasts around 6 minutes; enjoy!  If you enjoy this one, another story:-

is also dangerously close to home, for wargamers...


Prufrock said...

I like those, Simon. Thanks for posting. I'll try and work my way though the lot of them, I think.


BigRedBat said...

Thanks Aaron, he's a nice chap, too.