Thursday, 7 July 2011

Not my Epic Arausio

This is Dug Page Croft's epic Commmand and Colors refight of the Battle of Arausio.  This battle, in 105BC, between invading Germans and Romans, ended in a terrible defeat for the latter, perhaps worse than Cannae in terms of number of casualties.  It is thought to have led to the reforms of the Roman army, under Marius.

Dug's games are looking very impressive...

Apparently the Germans slaughtered the Romans in both of Dug's refights!  If I remember correctly, they won when I played the game, too, some years ago.  Warband can be pretty hot, in C&C.


Cyrus said...

Great looking game - I'll have to try this scenario in C&C.

peter said...

Great game with fine painted armies.

Nice Blog BTW.