Thursday, 31 March 2011

Not my Epic Guagamela

At the Society of Ancients Game Day, last year, one of the players was a chap name Dug.  Dug caught the C&C Ancients bug very badly, indeed, and barely a day has gone by without a few photos of one of his games thudding into my Inbox.  

His latest game is the Epic Guagamela scenario. Apparently they managed to fight this huge battle three times in a single day! 

Below are some photos; the closeups were taken by Mark, who also played at Zama.  Dug has an impressively large collection of minis... I also rather envy his large gaming shed.  You don't tend to get gaming rooms like that in London.  :-(

Above is a closeup of the Persian hordes.  The Macedonians do look somewhat outnumbered! 

I shall post a few more photos as they come along...


Paul´s Bods said...

An impressive number of minis it certainly is. Not only that but the wargames table is impressive as well.

Dale said...

Why the facepalm in the first picture? Is he thinking "I bring 20,000 bleeping miniatures to the game and I forget to bring Alexander..."? :^D

War Minister Crittumbo said...

"Why the facepalm in the first picture?"

He's probably thinking, "I could of had a V-8!" (veggie juice drink, great for Bloody Marys.)

Either that or he just rolled a 1 on 2D6??????????????????????????

МаксимС said...

Ох какая битва.Кто выйграл,наши?

МаксимС said...
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Mark said...

The reason for my hand-face thing is that I realised that I have spent hundreds of pounds putting together a Persian army that can never win this battle!!

BigRedBat said...

Hi Mark! I think it would be challenging to win... I will try to play it with blocks to see what I make of it.

The elephants might do better if they concentrate on one point of the pike line. But elephants aside, I think if I was the Persians I'd want to focus on the wings (if Alexander would let me!).