Friday, 8 October 2010

Marlburian Digression

Tonight Ray Lucas kindly invited self and local gamer Nigel along for a 10mm scale Marlburian game.  I grabbed a couple of snaps of the splendid battlefield (but regret not having used a flash).  I was the Imperialists, defending some villages and a stream (foreground), whilst  French  General Nigel was busily outflanking me on my right.  We didn't get all that far, but it is safe to say I was fretting about my exposed wing.

I told Ray that I loved the way the minis were mounted in 6's on 20x20 bases, and that what he really needed was a big 5" hex mat to put them on!  He looked at me like I was a heretic. But I think those battalions would work superbly on some sort of grid using stripped down rule system and card activation.  Made me wish I owned a couple of armies myself, to experiment with.  I shall have to get him down for a C&C game....

Ray's Corporal John Marlburian rules are available on his website.


Matt said...

Nice looking game!

But ... is that a book about COBOL I see on the shelf? Yeugh!


Matt ;-)

Counterpane said...

You are a bloody heretic! Hexes? Hanging's too good for you!

Richard C

BigRedBat said...

Hi Richard, I must say that I have become addicted to hexes. I just don't like measuring, any more.


RTB said...

You are a herectic wanting to ruin that wonderful display with ahex sheet.

BigRedBat said...

Yep. :)