Friday, 3 January 2014

Thessalians, and plans for 2014

Here's a unit I finished last week. They are later Thessalian cavalry in a rhomboid formation, cantering across the Boeotian plain. Mate Nick Speller painted 6 of these Foundry Miniatures, and I painted 3 more to match, shield transfers, basing etc.

Thessalians often fought in a manoeuvrable rhomboid formation, that could easily change direction through 90 or 180 degrees.  Below, here they are brigaded with my previously-painted Thessalians, who will shortly be re-based in the same style. They'll mostly serve with my Ptolemaic army.

In terms of 2014, I hesitate to plan too far ahead, for as they say "no battle plan survives contact with the enemy". However, here's the first seven months loosely sketched out.  

  • Finish swan-necked trade ship “Ceres”
  • Finish and base a final unit of Late Romans
  • Finish and base two units of Shaun’s Goths
  • Finish two elements of Impetus-based Roman cavalry
  • Buy and build 5 large gaming boards

February to April
  • Paint  100 EI Roman Legionaries, finish and re-base 100 other EI Roman Legionaries
  • Finish and Base 12 British Auxiliary cavalry
  • Paint and base 6 Auxiliary cavalry
  • Finish and base remainder of the Impetus EIRs.

  • Pontoon Bridge and other terrain for possible Partizan game

June to July
  • Finish and base 200 more phalangites for possible Other Partizan game, and the Southern Autumn shows
In terms of resolutions, this year I only have one, which is to finish play-testing and publish my rules!
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