Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A Shwubbery

A big box arrived from my Scottish mate John Smillie just before all my relatives descended upon me at Xmas, and I have finally, belatedly and guiltily, got around to opening it.

John packs his models extremely carefully, in polystyrene, and these trees arrived in tip-top shape.

There was a whole forest in the box.  The trees are on twisted wire trunks, and mounted on pennies.  I'll mostly use these as fruit trees, I think.

My favourite is this lovely stand of trees with multiple trunks.  Thanks John!  If anyone wants any reasonably-priced, top notch trees drop me a line and I'll forward it to John.  Now John, cypresses....

I've not been posting here because (since Xmas) I've recently been posting on my other blog.  Don't worry, I will be back to ancients, in due course, once I've finished basing some of the other Napoleonic stuff that is nearly finished.
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