Saturday, 10 December 2011

Adiutrix WIP

Last night I fixed shields to minis, and this morning I made up a new batch of bases and glued the minis to them.

I've made the bases slighty deeper than usual (25mm as opposed to 20mm), because I know that BTD minis, once they have shields attached, have a fairly large footprint.  The deeper bases also enable me to adopt a slightly irregular basing style, as my concept is that this legion has been recently raised, and is less well drilled than others. 

In this shot from the rear, I'm  pleased with the effect created by the variety of the tunic colours. 

Tonight I'll apply my BigRedBatGunk to the bases, and hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to start painting them; must be 3 or 4 nights of basing work ahead.  It'll all be over by Xmas.
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