Friday, 22 July 2011

Hail Caesar; First Blood

Tonight we had our first crack for the first time at Hail Caesar.  We fought a skirmish, set somewhere in Northern Italy, between a Flavian force of legionaries and auxiliaries, and a Vittelian ambush consisting of tough British and German auxiliaries, and a unit of armed gladiators.  The figures depicted  around 3000 troops on each side.

Above are the 2 Flavian Generals and their forces.  I could not fail to notice that one of the Roman commanders bore a strong resemblance to another illustrious Roman General:

Dr. Simon

Scipio Africanus the Elder

His co-commander was Chrispus.  Their forces were deployed with the legionaries marching along the road in two columns, with cavalry and light infantry scouting ahead, and auxiliaries on their left wing (below).

The Vitellians were commanded by Ianicus (not shown).  His ambushing forces were hidden behind a low ridge and in an olive grove (below).  The gladiators are at the front, on the left, and the cavalry are in the background.

Tomorrow night I'll write an account of the battle which, it has to be said, was a blast.
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