Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Full Muster of Militiamen

Out microclub, Muswell Militia, boasts that we can fit our entire membership in a telephone box; well not this week!  No less than 5, yes 5, players were present for a very enjoyable game of Black Powder.  In fact, we were only missing Gloarmy Greg!

The game went very quickly and there are signs that we are mastering the rules.  We are now able to use all the available figures and bring the game to a conclusion in around 90 minutes. We used Dr. Simon's Mexican Intervention figures- there are rumours of the arrival of reinforcements and possibly a campaign setting.

I've been away because I've been very busy painting Napoleonics, but I'll be getting back into ancients for at least a week or so because I need to finish some Romans for Greg's "Big Parade" challenge on 14th July; I want to be able to deploy my complete Early Imperial Roman Legion, for the first time.
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